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This honest, informative, and practical guide contains useful facts, hints, tips, and ready-to-use lesson plans all with the vegan child’s viewpoint in mind. Suggestions made are easily digestible and executable as Chepner brings with her many years of teaching experience.

The book was written with primary educators in mind, though the material is applicable across various age groups and educational settings. Veducated! will assist education professionals in ensuring that the growing number of vegan students in our classrooms are treated equally, which will not only assist learning for the vegan child, but may also have a profound effect on the whole educational ethos and beyond.

Customer Reviews

"This is the book vegan parents And their kid’s teachers have been waiting for! A really useful guide to the way vegan kids think and feel about the world around them. Brilliantly written to inform and help Educators understand their pupils needs."

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"Read the book in one morning. Easy to follow, comprehensive guide for educators to make the school environment more inclusive to vegan children. As the care-giver of a vegan child, I can see how difficult it can be for him being offered non-vegan options in all walks of school life, from the classroom to the canteen to field trips. This guide should be read by any educator wishing to provide an inclusive environment for all pupils, written from the perspective of the author who is a teacher and the parent of a vegan child."

"A great way to start the conversation with your child's school about being more vegan inclusive. Lots of usful information thats presented in a very respectful way."